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Big changes are coming soon

The building at Nikoghayos 27 was originally commissioned by the Computing Center of the Ministry of Transport. In 1991, "Ellips" company hired it, and in 1997 bought the entire building. The building had an interesting interior design. The walls of entrance were covered with travertine, the floor was made of granite stone, the ceilings and edges were made from gypsum and had beautiful ornamented decorations corresponding to the period. For many years, "Ellips" tried to maintain the original design, but because of insufficient quality of the construction and commission, it was no longer possible to maintain it. Thus, in the face of the 30th anniversary of the company, it was decided to repair it using modern technologies and efficient materials. Soon due to new and interesting ideas of "Elwood" company's young architects, "Ellips" will give a new breath to both its customers and employees.