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'Ellips' by Public TV

Within the framework of the program  "Agenda Index" the director of  "Ellips" Alexan Zakaryan spoke about the safest way of video surveillance to control the valuable things in the apartments. Mr. Zakaryan is assured, that by installing cameras of video surveillance, after the theft, people help the police officer to understand whether the unbidden person is tall or not, or about awareness or unawareness of the place of loot. Not to let it happen, the right option is to have a security mechanism. The head of the, "Ellips" mentioned that in the case of the breaking of the door, invading from the window or entering the house any other way, the device makes such a noise that the burglar flees immediately. According to "Ellips" statistics, these systems providing high degree of protection, have not more than 10% of the apartments in Armenia. It is a mistake to think that its expensive pleasure. The necessary equipment for one-room apartment, including installation and one-year warranty, makes 127000 AMD, and the four-room apartment costs 169000 drams. Mr. Alexan claimed that the experience of 29 years has shown that no thief continues to stay in the apartment under the noise of the alarm system.